Sunday, March 25, 2007

Coaching Candidate of the Day

Chris Lowery

  • Who is he? The 34 year old 3rd year coach of Southern Illinois. You remember them, the #4 seed from the Missouri Valley Conference that took Kansas to the wire in the Sweet 16. He is from Evansville, Indiana and played at SIU before becoming an assistant under Bruce Weber at SIU and Illinois.
  • What style does he run? Picture the Baltimore Ravens circa 2000. His team plays a mean nasty defense that beats up the opposition. They are nothing special on offense, but the tenacious defense gets the job done. This past year, Southern Illinois averaged 60.5 possessions per game which ranked 324th in the nation. That is damn slow. They did manage to rank 18th nationally in defensive efficiency and a pedestrian 141st in offensive efficiency. Defense, defense, and more defense. Last year, SIU finished 4th nationally in defensive efficiency. His kids just get after it on the defensive end with no regard for the well being of their opponents.
  • Why would he come to Michigan? Come on, it's Southern Illinois. I don't care how long he has been there, he's a rising star in the coaching ranks and Michigan is a big step up in the world of college hoops hierarchy. Michigan can offer a lot more money as well.
  • Why would Michigan want him? Could be a little risky considering his lack of experience, but the guy has star written all over him with what he has accomplished with the Salukis. If Lowery lands at Michigan, the Wolverines are instantly one of the toughest teams to play against in the Big Ten.



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