Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bonderman and the Cy Young vote

Jeremy Bonderman's record is at 11-5 heading into the All Star break with a 3.99 ERA and 93 Ks. He is tied for 3rd in the AL in wins, 6th in strikeouts, and 24th in ERA (though #10 is only 3.58). It stands to reason that if he has a good second half, he will get some mention in the Cy Young race and could likely finish in the top 5 of the vote.

Here's a list of all players aged 22 and younger to finish in the top 5 of the Cy Young voting in either league since 1980:

2004: Francisco Rodriguez, age 22, 4th(t) in AL vote

2003: Mark Prior, age 22, 3rd in NL vote

1987: Dwight Gooden, age 22, 5th (t) in NL vote

1985: Bret Saberhagen, age 21, 1st in AL vote

1985: Dwight Gooden, age 20, 1st in NL vote

1984: Dwight Gooden, age 19, 2nd in NL vote

1982: Fernando Valenzuela, age 21, 3rd(t) in NL vote

1981: Fernando Valenzuela, age 20, 1st in NL vote

Not bad company to keep should Bonderman have a big 2nd half.


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