Thursday, July 14, 2005

Drew Rosenhaus can bite me

If I hear or read one more thing about Brett Favre needing to stay out of Javon Walker's business I'm going to puke. Javon Walker is not renegotiating a deal in the last year of his contract. He's not renegotiating heading into his last year. He's attempting to renegotiate a deal with 2 years left on it. How many WRs in the last 10 years have renegoiated large deals with 2+ years left on their contracts? Answer: very, very, very few. Rosenhaus and TO aside, I can't even remember the last time it happened.

Drew Rosenhaus is slime. If Javon Walker is going to cry about how little he is getting paid, he could at least factor in the portion of his big signing bonus he took up front that would prorate to this season.

Drop dead Drew.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Favre is doing what any good veteran should do. Honor your contract. Be a man.

Tue Jul 19, 10:09:00 AM  
Blogger Packer487 said...

A freaking men! Even Randy Moss didn't get his rookie deal torn up until the last year of his contract. And he did a lot more than JWalk has (even though I think the kid's a player).
Favre's the best. Gotta love that guy.

Tue Jul 19, 07:04:00 PM  

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