Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The era of the AP Poll

Lots of people like to bash Michigan for only have 1 national title since the inception of the AP poll in 1936. To the ignorant, that might sound like Michigan hasn't been much of a power over that time frame and is living off a long distant reputation.

Chew on this, though. Winning percentage (since 1936) and number of top 5 and top 10 finishes in the AP poll:

Oklahoma: 74.5%, 28, 33
Ohio State: 73.5%, 17, 25
Michigan: 72.6%, 15, 36
Penn State: 72.3%, 13, 21
Tennessee: 71.7%, 13, 23
Notre Dame: 71.5%, 22, 34
Alabama: 71.0%, 18, 31
Texas: 70.0%, 17, 22
Nebraska: 69.1%, 13, 30
Southern Cal: 68.1%, 14, 23

So Michigan has racked up the 3rd best winning percentage, 6th most top 5 finishes in the AP poll, and most top 10 finishes in the AP poll in this so called "modern" era of college football. Not too shabby. And we won't even get into the 1947 "AP national title" given to Notre Dame despite the fact the voters were so impressed by Michigan that they held a special post-bowl vote (for the first time ever) naming Michigan #1.


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