Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Big Ten Power Rankings, Week 10

1) Penn State (6-1, 9-1): they hammered Wisconsin in their showdown for first place in the conference. Now they've got 2 weeks to prepare for MSU.

2) Ohio State (5-1, 7-2): their team is starting to come together nicely and will be a very tough matchup for Michigan in 2 weeks.

3) Michigan (4-2, 6-3): fresh off a bye week they get the Hoosiers to warm up for Ohio State.

4) Wisconsin (5-2, 8-2): Yep, they beat Michigan. But they also lost by more points on Saturday than all 3 of Michigan's losses combined.

5a) Northwestern (4-2, 6-3): Still a very dangerous offense and a not so dangerous defense.

5b) Minnesota (3-3, 6-3): ditto

5c) Iowa (3-3, 5-4): Definitely lacking some of that Ferentz-mojo of the last 3 years as their season implodes.

8) Michigan State (2-4, 5-4): The question everyone wants to know is which MSU team will show up against Penn State?

9) Indiana (1-5, 4-5): Bowl eligibility is looking a lot less likely since they got spanked by Minnesota at home.

10) Purdue (1-5, 3-6): Wow, they won a game!

11) Illinois (0-6, 2-7): They still suck.


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