Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hot Damn! Michigan Hoops is already making waves this year

Alex Legion, the super-junior wing from Detroit Country Day, surprised many by committing to Michigan today. It's not surprising that he's going to Michigan, but the timing is very surprising. Michigan is coming off a horrible season marred by injuries and suspension. But the future is as bright as can be. They've already got guys like K'len Morris and DeShawn Sims inked for next year, but Legion is a stud.

The school of thought was that most top 2007 recruits would wait and see how Michigan played this year before deciding on whether or not to give Amaker a shot. Well, so much for that. Legion has announced his intentions and is setting up a possibly monster class of 2007 for Amaker. The rest of the Big Ten better take notice, because Michigan has had a grand total of 1 McD's All American since LaVell Blanchard in 1998 (or was that 1999?). Now, they could be lining up to play in Ann Arbor.

Prediction: 20 wins and a decent seed in the NCAA this year and Michigan is officially back in basketball because the recruits will be rolling into town.

Next up? Paging Kalin Lucas....

Did I forget to mention that they open the season Friday against Central Michigan? Oh wait, there is another big game this weekend that Michigan fans might be interested in as well.

MGoBlog actually revs up the hoops hype a bit


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