Monday, February 27, 2006

Oops, Guess I Was Wrong

Taking a glance at the current Big Ten standings, one comes across the following:

t6) Indiana 7-7
t6) Michigan State 7-7

Yep, with only 2 games remaining in their season the Michigan State Spartans are tied for 6th in the Big Ten conference. This was a preseason top 5 team. This is a team that I said was "the best team in the Big Ten".

Apparently I was wrong. I saw the first round NBA talent in Paul Davis, Mo Ager, and Shannon Brown along with a quality point guard in Drew Neitzel and assumed they would be a powerhouse this year. What I didn't realize was that the rest of their team sucked. I figured that amongst all the good recruits (Gray, Naymick, Trannon, etc) Izzo had brought in over the years, that some of them would be quality players. But they aren't. They are horrible. They have zero post presence outside of Davis. They have zero capable guards off the bench. They just stink. And if they don't close out strong against Wisconsin and Illinois (neither game is a gimme) they will be at .500 or worse in conference play this year.


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