Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A quick thought on the Tigs pitching rotation

I'll be disappointed if Justin Verlander doesn't get the #5 spot to start the year. He's ready now and is just too dominating to waste his time pitching to minor leaguers. A quick couple comments on the likely rotation of:

1) Kenny Rogers
2) Jeremy Bonderman
3) Mike Maroth
4) Nate Robertson
5) Justin Verlander

Can you imagine how tough it is going to be on opposing lineups to go from facing triple digit flame throwing RHP Justin Verlander to soft tossing LHP Kenny Rogers back to flame throwing RHP Jeremy Bonderman back to soft tossing LHP Mike Maroth? I mean damn, that is some serious variety in the pitching staff that is bound to help keep opponents off balance.

With a healthy lineup and a solid pitching staff, things are shaping up nicely. Unfortunately we might be in the toughest division in the majors.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toughest division in the majors? i would rank them
AL East
NL East
AL West
AL Central
NL Central
NL West

The Twinkies and Indians are good but you dont have to contend with the
Red Sox, Yankees, and Toronto (all legit playoff contenders) or try the Mets , Phils and perenial how do they win the division every year Braves. Not to mention the A's (probably best team in baseball)Angels and Texas. Put the Tigers in any other division in baseball outside of the NL West and they will wind up with a worse record.

Tue Feb 21, 03:54:00 PM  
Blogger robert paulson said...

Hmm. the White Sox are the defending World Series champs. The Indians are one of the best young teams in the league and should win > 90 games. The Twins are always in contention. The Tigs should be above .500. That's better than any other division can offer.

Tue Feb 21, 04:37:00 PM  

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