Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bo Schembechler vs Lloyd Carr

Nothing compares to the May, June, July football doldrums. Sure the season is over, but now Signing Day is long gone for recruiting fans and the NFL draft has come and gone as well. There isn't much of anything until fall practices start in August. Thought I'd peruse the first 11 years of Bo Schembechler's tenure and compare it with Lloyd Carr's 11 years in Ann Arbor.

First up? Bo

Total record: 104 wins, 19 losses, 3 ties (.837 winning percentage)
Bowl record: 0-7 (5 Rose Bowls)
Conference titles: 1 Championship, 7 CoChampionships
Nonconference opp. record (does not include bowl games): 161-194-6 (.454)
Number of nonconference opponents with 7+ wins: 6

Next up? Lloyd

Total record: 102 wins, 34 losses (.739 winning percentage)
Bowl record: 5-6 (1-2 in Rose Bowls)
Conference titles: 2 Championships, 3 CoChampionships, 1 National Championship
Nonconference opp. record: 213-224-1 (.487)
Number of nonconference opponents with 7+ wins: 16

So...who ya got? I'd call it pretty even. Bo gets points for more conference titles and better winning percentage. Lloyd gets points for a national title and a tougher schedule. Bo gets points for building the program from scratch. Lloyd gets points for playing on a much more level playing field (scholarship limits, everybody on TV all the time, etc) and actually winning bowl games.



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