Monday, August 28, 2006

Finally, it's Game Week!

The last time we saw Michigan football, Tyler Ecker was running out of bounds instead of pitching to Steve Breaston to conclude one of the craziest plays in the history of college football and cap off a horribly disappointing 7-5 season for the Maize and Blue. It's been a LONG offseason.

But that is now officially in the past. Summer is almost gone and college football season is here. It's now t-minus 5 days and counting until the Vanderbilt game. Thank God. And since it's game week, you can catch the best part of which is their weekly game notes. Where else can you find the following?
  • up to date depth chart (Ruben Riley at RT and Alex Mitchell at RG?)
  • the history of Michigan vs Vanderbilt and the rest of the SEC (can you say 21-5-1?)
  • best performances in Michigan history in openers (Chris Perry 232 yds rushing, Scott Dreisbach 372 yds passing, Jack Clancy 197 yds receiving, etc)
  • how to pronounce Olesnavage (0-less-NAV-ich)
  • every Michigan player on a preseason award watch list (Mark Bihl, Alan Branch, Steve Breaston, Tyler Ecker, Leon Hall, David Harris, Mike Hart, Chad Henne, Jake Long, Garrett Rivas, LaMarr Woodley)
  • every tidbit you ever wanted to know about Lloyd Carr (best record of any Michigan coach at home - 62-9; one of 11 active NCAA coaches with a national title; first coach in Michigan athletic department history to endow a scholarship, etc)
  • the seven former Wolverines in the NFL hall of fame
I really think it is the best preview you can find on the internet of a Michigan football game. It doesn't break down the Xs and Os of the matchup, but it gives you all the background info you could ever hope for.

Since Vanderbilt doesn't really offer much of a football team this year, how about a little rundown on the University and how it stacks up to Michigan?

Location: Nashville vs Ann Arbor
Type of University: Private vs Public
Student body size: 11,000 vs 40,000
US News Ranking: 18th vs 24th
Nickname: Commodores (nickname given to Cornelius Vanderbilt) vs Wolverines (a feisty animal)
Famous Alums: Al Gore and Amy Grant vs Darth Vader and Lucy Liu

Is it even close? Besides, can you really trust any school with this guy as chancellor? He's a former Buckeye for crying out loud.



Anonymous Ben said...

I think Michigan only has 40,000 if you count grad students. Undergrad only, it's more like 28,000 to 30,000.

Thu Aug 31, 03:46:00 PM  
Blogger robert paulson said... are sort of correct. Michigan has about 24-25 K undergrads and slightly over 14 K grad/professional students. However, for purposes of this comparison it is valid. Vandy only has about 6500 undergrads and 11000 total. 25000 to 6500 or 40000 to 11000, take your pick.

Thu Aug 31, 06:05:00 PM  

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