Sunday, July 30, 2006

2006 WSOP

Good luck to Brian at the 2006 WSOP. I think he started play yesterday. No update to his blog yet, but here's hoping that a fellow Wolverine can have some fun out there in Vegas.

UPDATE: Brian done MGoneHome from Vegas. But hey, at least he played pretty good. And hell, he even managed to get a tidbit in a story about Annie Duke:

"Duke had had that reminder only moments earlier, when a young Michigan player, Brian Cook, crashed from Duke's table. Cook, who had earlier admitted to being "a little intimidated" by Duke when his own smallish starting stack grew large enough to allow for more creative play, lost his last $25,000 when his pocket aces were cracked by another player who called his pre-flop raise with 10-7, then put Cook all-in after a K-7-7 flop. This came only moments after Cook had lost a sizeable hand with pocket kings in a similar manner.

As Cook rushed off in frustration after his two-out ace failed to appear, the other players discussed his back-to-back, tough-luck hands. And as Duke offered, in the wake of Cook's departure, "He did nothing wrong."

Congrats Brian, and I look forward to some more unverified voractiy when you get back!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gambling at the WSOP is a thrilling experience.

Thu Jan 10, 04:56:00 AM  

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