Saturday, September 02, 2006

Things that will make me happy today

I can't really post any keys to victory today, because it's Vanderbilt for crying out loud. Show up and stay healthy are the only 2 keys to victory needed. But there are somethings I would like to see that could bode well for the rest of the season

On offense:
  • a healthy Mike Hart breaking tackles and energizing the crowd
  • some big holes opened up by the OL against a D that is not very strong
  • Steve Breaston catching some passes downfield instead of just screens
  • Chad Henne passing accurately and making the proper audibles
On defense:
  • the DL dominating with a pass rush and by clogging rushing lanes
  • sure tackling by the LBs
  • no blown coverages downfield
On special teams:
  • Garrett Rivas not missing a kick
  • good kickoff coverage with the new lower tees
  • Steve Breaston doing his thing
I guess I'll throw out a 38-13 prediction as Michigan should roll.



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