Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Love College Bands

The marching variety, not the Dave Matthews variety. Although there is always a place for Dave when you are drunk out of your mind on somebody's couch at 1 AM. I really love college football and nothing sets the mood like a bunch of kids that used to get beat up in high school dressed up in nice uniforms and playing the same music they've been playing for years. It's tradition. I kid, though, because I actually do love listening to college marching bands play on a fall Saturday.

Why did this come up now? I actually like Michigan State's band. They've got some catchy tunes in their repetoire and it's a shame they will only get to play them before the game and at half time on Saturday because ain't no way in hell they will have anything to celebrate during the game.

I went digging around and found some of my absolute favorites. I'm sure rivals of these teams can hate some of these from hearing them over and over, but I don't play favorites. You'll find some Michigan State, Ohio State, and Notre Dame in here because they are part of what makes college football great. When I hear one of these, it instantly lets me know that college football is being played and their team just did something good. We'll go by conference with some of the stuff I like.

Big Ten

Only the greatest fight song of all time
What you won't be hearing much of on Saturday
I've got some great lyrics for this one
Catchy jingle
Drinking music


Give 'em the Chop
This one has a nice beat
Poor imitation of the Michigan hockey band, but you get the point

Big Twelve

This still makes me chuckle

Not much from the Big Twelve bands get me going.

Big East

Not a real football conference.

Pac Ten

Repeat over and over. It's still good, though
You know you want to make a V and nod your head
Just picture hot women in minimal clothing that aren't interested in the game


All this ditty is missing is a big F-U
Roll Tide
Go Tigers
Lord Vader
Upbeat stuff
Get out of the water
Too bad their offense sucks
Pretty song for a pretty place to watch crappy football
Duhhhhhhhh, duhhhhhhhhh, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
The only song they know
Space, bitches, space


Classic college football

Who said that the game was the only reason to show up? I love listening to college marching bands. "Ladies and Gentleman, presenting the 235 member Michigan Marching Band...Band, take the Field"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

solid post. college bands rock. especially the one they have there in ann arbor (greatest marching band ever)

Thu Oct 05, 03:58:00 PM  
Blogger robert paulson said...


Thu Oct 05, 07:53:00 PM  

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