Wednesday, September 27, 2006

2006 BTPR, week 4

Divided into tiers

1) Ohio State - struggled in sloppy weather with Penn State at home before pulling away late to remain undefeated and ranked #1 in the nation.
2) Michigan - let Wisconsin hang tight in the first half before slamming the door in the 2nd half with some dominant defense and another heaping helping of Mario Manningham. They are quickly saddling up next to Ohio State as one of the top 3 or 4 teams in the nation.

3) Iowa - uninspiring win over Illinois, but still undefeated. We'll see what they are made of this week when the Buckeyes roll into town

4) Michigan State - a dangerous team that is capable of blowing any lead. For reasons I can't even understand I will not drop them precipitously until they screw up again. They looked damn good for almost 3/4 of the Notre Dame game.
5) Penn State - what we know: they are nowhere near as good as Ohio State or Notre Dame. Other than that, they handled their two patsies.
6) Wisconsin - probably nip and tuck with PSU and MSU after hanging tight in Ann Arbor for the first half. Still not a good win on their resume, however.
7) Purdue - they don't play Michigan or Ohio State and they beat Minnesota at home. I'm still not convinced they are even a top 25 team, however.
8) Minnesota - lost to Purdue on the road and will try to defend the Jug this week. Looks like a typical Sun Bowl bound Gopher squad.

9) Northwestern - blah
10) Illinois - blah
11) Indiana - blah

Some key questions: who will knock off Michigan or Ohio State? Will anybody lose to Northwestern, Illinois, or Indiana?



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