Friday, November 17, 2006


Glenn E. Schembechler. 1/1/29 - 11/17/06. He was Bo. It's only 2 letters, but never has a nickname more aptly fit a coach. He was the meanest SOB on the field and in the lockerroom you'd ever want to meet. You did not want to get in his way when he was making a point. But he also taught young boys how to be men and how to succeed in life. He was the face of Michigan football for a generation. He took a once storied program and shot it full of life and took the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry to another level when he squared off with Woody Hayes in the 10 year war.

On the eve of the biggest Michigan-Ohio State game ever, Bo and Woody will now have the best seats in the house. The timing of Bo's death is just unreal. Yesterday, he addressed the team for one last time before they headed off to Columbus. I cannot even begin to analyze how this affects the game tomorrow. It's so far past "win one for the gipper". Bo was still an active part of the Michigan football family and had an office in aptly named Schembechler Hall.

Rest in Peace, Bo, and Go Blue.

I'd be remiss if I didn't include a few of my favorite Bo quotes...

"A Michigan man is going to coach Michigan" - Bo's proclamation when Bill Frieder agreed to take the Arizona St job prior to the 1989 NCAA tournament. Out with Frieder, in with Steve Fischer, and hello national title.

"205 lbs of twisted, hardened blue steel" - How Bo described himself after collapsing a few weeks ago.

There are also some phenomenal articles on Bo getting posted around the web. The Detroit Free Press has two outstanding ones including the best I have ever seen from perennial doom and gloomer Drew Sharp. Mitch Albom's article is a thing of beauty. Bo will be in everybody's thoughts and prayers tomorrow.



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