Friday, November 17, 2006

It's Christmas Eve

Words cannot accurately describe how much anticipation I have built up for the game on Saturday. It's insane. I have absolutely no idea how this game will play it. It is the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. Both teams have been unbeatable this year and rolled to 11-0. OSU has been prettier, but Michigan has a more impressive resume of opponents.

The two juggernauts rocketing on a collision course all season long are finally about come together in one glorious afternoon of football at the 'Shoe.

Michigan-Ohio State is a big deal every year. It's a big deal if they have a combined record of 15-5. This year it is 22-0 in what is likely the biggest regular season game in the history of college football. Think about it.

  • The Biggest Rivalry in all of sports
  • The first time two teams from one conference have been 10-0 in over 70 years (and they are both 11-0)
  • The first 11-0 v 11-0 conference matchup in the history of college football
  • Guaranteed spot in the MNC game for the winner
  • Possible MNC spot for the loser (though it should be noted I am not in favor of that)
What's not to like? Troy Smith will win the Heisman with a big game. Michigan's D, meanwhile, is looking to dispose of him like Brady Quinn. Chad Henne and Mike Hart are a phenomenal tandem. Ted Ginn and Mario Manningham are two of the biggest big play threats in the country. David Harris and James Laurinitis are two of the best LBs in the nation. Malcolm Jenkins and Leon Hall are two of the best corners in the nation. Alan Branch and Quinn Pitcock are two of the best defensive tackles in the nation. LaMarr Woodley is the tasmanian devil at defensive end. Hell, you could probably make a combined team from the Wolverines and Buckeyes that would top any conference's best in the country.

This game could go any number of ways. Troy Smith could once again dazzle and lead OSU to an easy victory. Michigan's defense could pummel the OSU offense. Mike Hart might go off for 200 yards. Mario Manningham could put on a show like he did against Notre Dame. Tressell might beat Carr again. Carr might win his second national title.

The only thing I know is that the entire world of college football will be tuned in to watch. Should easily be the most watched regular season game in college football history.



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