Friday, November 03, 2006

Lloyd Carr versus The Nation (and BSU)

As of Friday, November 3rd, here are the winningest college football programs in the country since Lloyd Carr took over at Michigan for the 1995 season. Listed is their overall record along with winning percentage and number of national titles over that time span.

1) Ohio State: 116-30, 79.5%, 1
2) Florida St: 114-32, 78.1%, 1
3) Tennessee: 113-32, 77.9%, 1
4) Texas: 114-33-1, 77.4%, 1
5) Miami: 109-32, 77.3%, 1
6) Nebraska: 114-34, 77.0%, 2
7) Florida: 113-34, 76.9%, 1
8) Michigan: 111-34, 76.6%, 1
9) Virginia Tech: 111-34, 76.6%, 0

Nobody else is even close to the top 9 in terms of winning percentage. As you can see, when it comes to winning games and winning national titles, Michigan has been as good as anybody since Lloyd Carr took over with less than 3 wins per 100 games separating them from #1 on the list.

Anyways, on to Ball State. They suck. Based on all the repeated criticisms of Michigan for their "close" 14 point win over Northwestern last week expect them to open it up just a bit more in the first half this week. It also helps that Mario Manningham is back and they'll try to get him a ball or two to get his timing back.

Look for more heavy doses of Kevin Grady, Brandon Minor, and Jerome Jackson today as they run, run, and run some more in the 2nd half. Carlos Brown might even get some plays if we're lucky. Ball State has a good passing game, but their OL has never blocked what Michigan will throw at them today.

Best guess at a score? How about 34-10. I don't think the weather will be nearly as bad this week as it was last week.



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