Monday, September 03, 2007

10 years, $40 million

That's what Charlie Weis signed for a contract extension after one year on the job. After seeing what happened to Notre Dame against Georgia Tech on Saturday, I've got another holiday weekend post in me.

Nearly two years ago, I made what I thought was a meaningless little comparison between Charlie Weis and Ty Willingham after one season of play and found it a little odd that Charlie got a mega contract when his inaugural season was very similar to that of recently fired Ty Willingham. Turns out it got linked on CNNSI's On Campus and I got deluged with angry emails from Notre Dame fans. Well, here we sit in year 3 of the Charlie Weis regime and I'm still smirking just a little bit. How about another comparison?

Through 26 games, Weis vs Willingham:

Overall record: 19-7 vs 15-11 (edge Charlie)
# of 20+ point losses: 4 vs 6
record vs teams in final AP top 25: 1-5 vs 4-7

Gotta give a slight edge to Charlie on overall record and fewer blowout losses, however Ty faced tougher competition. Now one of these coaches was on the verge of getting fired and the other has what amounts to a near lifetime contract. What's the difference between the two? Willingham went 6-4 the rest of the way in 2004 to finish his ND career with a record of 21-15 including a 6-9 mark against teams ranked at the end of the season. Charlie has 7 consecutive losable games coming up and ND starting 2-6 on the season is not an unreasonable expectation (@PSU, @Michigan, MSU, @Purdue, @UCLA, Boston College, Southern Cal).

Is the Notre Dame administration sweating even a little on this one? Should they be?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, Ty was not fired only because he was constantly getting blown out. His recruiting was worse than it's ever been at Notre Dame. We're talking unranked recruiting classes. Thanks to Ty, Notre Dame has eight seniors. EIGHT. Most of them are terrible and sit behind Charlie's youngsters on the depth chart. Charlie has been outstanding on the recruiting trail, and may or may not prove to be a great developer of talent. I'm not saying he's the greatest coach ever, but you can't blame him when Ty left him with eight two and three star scrubs in the senior class.

Second of all, even if Charlie loses the next 7 games in a row, he'll STILL have a better record than Ty after the same amount of games. It'll be a loooong time before your statistical comparisons become valid, if ever.

Third of all, UM lost to Appalachian State.

Mon Sep 03, 07:14:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

His recruiting was worse than it's ever been at Notre Dame.

uhhh, Brady Quinn?

Charlie did pretty damn good with Ty's players in 2005, didn't he? What in God's name would you call this bunch of tards he's got out on the field now?

How anyone in their right mind could defend Weis is absolutely beyond me. (I'm guessing you also think everything is going great in Iraq.)

The GT game was the single worst ND game I have seen in 30 + years, and I would believe the worst they have ever played. Make no mistake, GT is no USC, Ohio State, Miami, or Michigan team. If GT ends the season ranked I'd be quite surprised.

The facts show one thing clearly: Charlie Weis is the worst coach in ND history. Yes, worse than Faust. Way worse. At least Faust and Willingham from time to time actually beat teams who ended up being ranked at the end of the season. Weis has yet to do this. In fact, he's only come close once, and that was against USC in 2005 with Ty's players (and 6 inch grass at ND Stadium).

Above, Robert said Weis beat one team ranked at season's end. Who was that?

Shame on me for thinking for the past two years that Quinn was overrated. We now know the truth about what a complete hack Weis is.

Tue Sep 04, 03:40:00 AM  
Blogger robert paulson said...

Sorry, these aren't just some little statistical analyses. I'm merely pointing out that Charlie Weis isn't the savor that many Notre Dame fans were predicting 2 years ago. Return to glory? Shouldn't that happen sooner than year 4 of a coach's regime? I sure don't recall any Notre Dame fans in 2005 saying "wait until 2008 and we will actually be good again".

The fact is Weis has a really long contract and he hasn't done much on the field, certainly not a lot more than what Willingham did.

Tue Sep 04, 04:37:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is a fair commentary. Weis won his games with Willingham's guys. Willingham is a class act and will do just fine with Washington.

Fri Oct 19, 05:45:00 PM  

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