Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pudge's days off

Apparently some fans and media are continuing to question Trammell for giving Pudge days off. From this article in the Free Press, "God forbid I've got to rest Pudge sometimes," Trammell said. "He's a 33-year-old catcher who's caught a lot of games. He's a tough guy, but neither of his hands are 100 percent after having injuries to them earlier this season. Pudge is on a pace to play 130-140 games, which is kind of what we projected."

For those of you criticizing Trammell on this, here is something to chew on. Pudge has played in 81 games so far this year. That puts him at 4th most in the majors amongst catchers. The only catchers with more are Jason Kendall (86), Paul LoDuca (84), and Victor Martinez (83). Furthermore, Tram played Pudge in 135 games last year, which was the 2nd most he's played since the 1999 season.

Is there any reason to think he rests him too much? I know I can't find any evidence of it.


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