Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Michigan Hockey

So my ability to follow Michigan hockey is greatly impaired living in the South, but that's where the Blog That Yost Built comes in handy. Packer's got his first quarter player grades up for your perusing.

My brief thoughts during this off week for the team as they prepare to host 2 College Hockey Showcase games next weekend:

1) Jack Johnson really is that good
2) Billy Sauer is off to a pretty good start (which bodes quite well for the future)
3) Andrew Cogliano is heating up on offense
4) We're back at #1 in the polls (again) and hopefully we'll play a little better than last time
5) Ohio State was the preseason pick to win the CCHA and they've fallen off the map. As predicted earlier this year, Michigan is still the team to beat in the CCHA.


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