Thursday, December 29, 2005


What am I supposed to say? We all watched the game last night. We all saw what happened. I don't think the officiating even merits me commenting on it. There is nothing I can add to what everybody saw with their own eyes. Hell, I've never seen announcers call out the refs so frequently and vociferously during a game.

But whatever. The good news is that Michigan's season finishes totally in the tank which is as close to a wake up call as this program will ever have. Changes need to be made and this will hopefully prompt a good deal of them.

The other good news is that Michigan's youngsters really looked good last night. Chad Henne and Mike Hart were both playing pretty well. Steve Breaston finally looked healthy again. Antonio Bass will be a major force next year, as will Mario Manningham. LaMarr Woodley and Alan Branch and Tim Jamison are going to be a dominant DL next year. Brandon Harrison wasn't so hot, but then again he is only a true freshman.

Biggest area of improvement we need is the interior OL. They stunk all year and again last night. The good news is that is where Michigan's OL recruiting has been the best the last year or two so help is on the way. And yes, they were banged up as all hell this year, but they still were not good. Time to get back to a big nasty group of road graders paving the way for a monster campaign for Mike Hart next year.


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