Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Random musings on college basketball

  • A win is a win is a win. At least that's the party line I'm toeing after Michigan eked out a 51-46 win at Boston University last night. They had beaten us 2 years in a row in Ann Arbor so I'll take it. But the performance did not inspire a lot of confidence with something like 18 or 19 turnovers on only 61 possessions. Thank God for the D.
  • Michigan State lost to Gonzaga last night. While it was a great game, I'm not buying the hype as one of the best games ever played that ESPN has been tossing around. Jay Bilas is talking like it's the best game since the 1992 regional final between Duke and Kentucky. Sorry Jay, that's not what I saw. It was a hell of a game that was extremely tight. But it wasn't one of the best games I've ever seen. It did feature something amazing, though: Adam Morrison. And he's not amazing just for the Maui Classic-record 43 points he dropped last night. He's amazing because he appears to have walked straight out of a 1970s porn with his wavy hair and porn-stache. And while I couldn't find a great recent pic of him, you know exactly what I'm talking about if you watched the game.
  • Rajon Rondo ripped down 19 boards in Kentucky's loss against Iowa. That's a hell of a game on the glass for a point guard. But I'm not buying the hype of him being an All American. He only got 8 points and 3.5 assists in 25 minutes per game last year while only shooting 30% behind the arc and 58% from the line.
  • And yep, I'm still pissed about Michigan's D collapsing down the stretch against Ohio State. If Mike Hart was healthy we probably win going away. He wasn't and we still should've won. Unforgiveable.


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