Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dumb Asses

If you'd like to see what stupidity is all about, please click this link. Who are the idiots that dreamed up this one? You're against the school making more money to fund the entire athletic department and finance better facilities for the basketball program? Sounds like a bunch of Ann Arbor's finest left wing liberal nut jobs got together for this project: SaveTheBigHouse is a non-profit coalition of Michigan alumni, faculty, students and fans who believe that any renovation or enlargement of Michigan Stadium should provide equal amenities for all fans, and should honor and protect the stadium’s classic form and character. We oppose construction of private luxury boxes, which – in dividing fans by income – would undermine the unified and egalitarian tradition that makes Saturday afternoons in Michigan Stadium a thrilling, unmatched experience for all fans. Go Blue!

WTF? "Dividing fans by income"? Have you ever been to a sporting event in America? Last I checked Super Bowl tickets were impossible to obtain. BCS bowl games will run you into nearly $200 face value. For crying out loud, the mean price of a ticket in Michigan Stadium last year was probably $75 (when factoring in both student tix and PSLs). That's egalitarian? These people need to get a life and stop trying to slow down the progress of the Michigan Athletic Department. If you want to see a winning product on the field, you have to let the blue hairs fork over even more of their cash.



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