Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Some Heisman names to consider

Last July I took a stab at predicting the Heisman favorites and in hindsight, it was a little too easy last year.
I would be shocked if they beat the Buckeyes and Sooners, but if they do the Heisman is Young's for the losing.
So yeah, that turned out to be about right. But what about this year? I'm just gonna toss some names out there with a very brief thought or two. I'll get a little more indepth later this summer.

Brady Quinn - the poster child for the media's love affair with Notre Dame will likely have big numbers this year

Troy Smith - the ultimate dual threat at QB, though their offense might struggle a little without Santonio Holmes but he is the most gifted quarterback in the nation and he's on a high profile team.

Adrian Peterson - he's the prototypical TB and could put up monster numbers this year for the Sooners (2000 yds and 15 TDs aren't out of the question)

Marshawn Lynch - a superstar out west in an offense designed to get him the ball he could rack up big time numbers as well

Michael Bush - in Louisville's offense against their schedule, he could once again lead the nation in TDs



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