Thursday, May 25, 2006

Michigan Football: It's Gone Global

The University of Michigan Athletic Department has announced the new radio deals after old stand by WJR went to Michigan State. And my, oh my, have they swung for the fences. Used to be your only chance for listening to the game live was to catch in on WJR's 50,000 watt AM broadcast or their network. Now they've upped the ante.

-live FM broadcasts of Michigan football for the first time ever on 104.3, the strongest FM station in the state out of Detroit.
-AM broadcasts on Windsor's own 50,000 watt station AM 800 which can be heard from Indiana through New York
-Live (yes, live) and FREE (you heard that right) streaming audio of games available on

Yeah, there's also expanded coverage of Michigan basketball and hockey in Michigan. But the biggest news of all? How about free streaming audio of all Michigan sports. No more of this pay for listening to radio crap that CSTV was selling via MGoBlue. They're going FREE for everything now which is sweeeeeet news for Michigan fans like myself that no longer live anywhere near Ann Arbor. So if you're in Hong Kong or London, you are only 1 click away from listening live to Michigan sports.



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