Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Big Ten Power Rankings

I decided to let the teams get some games under their belt this year before even attempting to rank them relative to each other. Without further ado.

1) Ohio State - Troy Smith is da bomb. He makes their team offense hum. Ted Ginn is phenomenal in the open field and Anthony Gonzalez is always open and Antonio Pittman is a solid back, but it all comes down to Smith. He's playing like the Heisman favorite. Their D will be up and down this year, but their offense is enough to put them ahead of anybody else in the conference right now. They will struggle at times this year with power rushing attacks, though.

2) Michigan - Defense: check. Rushing attack: check. Passing attack: umm, not so much. Well find out a lot about what Michigan is made of when they face Notre Dame in South Bend. But Wolverine fans everywhere can probably rest assured that the defense is for real this season which alone is enough to get them back up near the top of the conference.

3) Iowa with Drew Tate - without Tate, they fall off big time. But their offense can put points on the board when Tate and Young are both clicking.

4) Penn State - enough talent to keep them from falling too far, but not nearly as good as last year

5) Wisconsin - the talent in the conference really starts to fall off here.

6) Minnesota - who else deserves it?

7) Michigan State - at least their offense is fun to watch

8) Purdue - I believe the phrase God awful can be applied to their defense

9) Indiana - I'm really reaching here

10) Illinois - they got smoked 33-0 by Rutgers

11) Northwestern - and they lost to a 1-AA team

Man, the Big Ten is looking BAD right now. Ohio State is a legit top 5 team. Michigan is a legit top 10 team. Iowa is probably a top 15 or 20 team. Penn State might be top 25. Wisconsin could be top 25 if things come together quickly. That's about it. Minnesota and Michigan State and Purdue have major holes in their team. Indiana, Illinois, and Northwestern are atrocious. Might we only get 5 bowl teams this year? I'm not sure if it's mathematically possible, but I think it will be hard to find 6 deserving bowl teams.



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