Tuesday, October 24, 2006

2006 BTPR, week 8

Well, last week's rankings worked out pretty good with the higher ranked team winning every game. Let's keep it the same this week.

1) Ohio State
2) Michigan - it's lonely at the top for these 2

3) Wisconsin - still the king of the midgets as the drop from #3 to #4 is large

4) Penn State - not too impressive over Illinois, but a win is a win
5) Iowa - hung tough for a little while as expected in Ann Arbor
6) Purdue - nothing special against the Badgers

7) Minnesota
8) Indiana
9) Michigan State - largest comeback win of all time that begs the question, how the hell can you fall behind by 35 points to Northwestern?

10) Illinois
11) Northwestern - soon to be cupcake #1 on the Wolverines road to Columbus

We'll see if it can hold true for another week. Tomorrow we will return to some gratuitous WAY TOO EARLY Ohio State related preview type stuff.



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