Monday, October 16, 2006

Fallout from Michigan win over Penn State

In my post Tigers victory party, hungover next morning, viewing of the Michigan game I noticed a few things.

1) The defense is really good. Yeah, it's getting to be redundant. But when you hold Penn State to their lowest rushing total of the Paterno era that is saying something because that dude has been around for decades. And in what is getting to be a mildly annoying trend, the defense once again surrendered some points in garbage time to make the final score closer than you'd think from watching the game. As it stands, I can live with 5 minutes of mortalness in exchange for 55 minutes of fire breathing domination.

2) Chad Henne is really good. Not spectacular, but the kid did exactly what he needed to do to win on the road in front of fans that would rather see him castrated.

3) Mike Hart is really, really good. Pencil him in for 100+ yards and a big 4th quarter every week when Michigan puts the game away.

4) Iowa lost to Indiana? Not from the Michigan game, but what the hell was that??? Will the Kirk Ferentz worship take a pause after this season?

5) Adrian Arrington is a big time receiver. It's almost a shame that he spent most of the year playing in Mario Manningham's shadow because this kid is a star in the making. He's big and fast and knows how to catch the ball. Did I mention that like Manningham, he still has 2 more years of eligibility? I can't remember the last time Michigan had 2 sophomore receivers this good.

6) Alan Branch and LaMarr Woodley are bad, bad men.

7) Ron English for President.

8) Zoltan Mesko for Space Emporer (of Space). Don't deny that you saw Mike Hart flashing the Z for Zoltan handsign after his touchdown and you thought it was cool as hell.



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