Wednesday, October 18, 2006

2006 BTPR, week 7

1) Ohio State - another boring week atop the college football world for the Buckeyes
2) Michigan - convincing win in a tough environment have cemented Michigan as the number 1 challenger to the Ohio State coronation

3) Wisconsin - and then there was one. Losses by Iowa and Penn State leave Wisconsin as king of the munchkins behind the Big 2

4) Penn State - well, they've lost to #1 Ohio State, #2 Michigan, and #8/10 Notre Dame. Other than that they have beaten lesser opponents.
5) Iowa - Indiana? Yikes. If they don't have a good game in Ann Arbor they are dropping
6) Purdue - missing Michigan and Ohio State on the schedule helps their record

7) Minnesota - the Gophers have started their 2nd half slide into mediocrity a little early this year
8) Indiana - Nice victory over the Hawkeyes propels them above MSU for this week
9) Michigan State - pucker, pucker, pucker

10) Illinois - Ohio? Man, they suck.
11) Northwestern - putting them behind Illinois tells you how bad they are

Big 2 and Little 9, huh? Looks like a home game for Michigan this week against a reeling Iowa Hawkeye team is all that stands between a November showdown of undefeated Big Ten behemoths in Columbus. It's been over 30 years since these 2 powers sat so far ahead of the rest of the conference (and ahead of the country).



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