Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How Ohio State got to 8-0 (AKA How Stella Got Her Groove Back)

The Buckeyes are 8-0 and nearly unanimous (except for 2 dorks in California - Scott Wolf I'm talking to you) at number 1. How'd they do it? Well, let's leave out last year's thrashing of Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl that gave them some preseason love this year.

Ohio State has outscored their opponents 34.9-8.3 so far this year. They rank #20 in total offense, #11 in scoring offense, #15 in total defense, and #1 in scoring defense nationally. Why are their scoring numbers so much better than their total numbers (on both sides)? Probably because they are #4 nationally in turover margin.

Who have they beaten? Here's a rundown of their opponents along with that opponents national ranks in total o, scoring o, total d, and scoring d...

Northern Illinois - 18, 24, 100, 71
@Texas - 27, 4, 14, 15
Cincinnati - 85, 100, 55, 54
Penn State - 53, 59, 39, 40
@Iowa - 28, 45, 57, 38
Bowling Green - 54, 87, 54, 99
@Michigan State - 26, 29, 81, 93
Indiana - 93, 68, 107, 105

As you can see, Texas is far and away the best team they have played this year. Iowa is probably the 2nd toughest (they played both of those on the road). Other than that? Probably Penn State next and then not much else (aside from Michigan State's offense). Indiana, BGSU, and Cincinnati are all brutal. Northern Illinois isn't exactly good considering the competition they play.

What does it all mean? Nothing. Just that it's never too early for WAY TOO EARLY looks at Ohio State. I mean what the hell other game should I be worried about at this point?



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