Sunday, November 19, 2006

Part One?

Wow. What a game. It's not often you see the most hyped regular season matchup of all time and it actually lives up to the billing. 42-39? That was a hell of a game. I hope both defensive coordinators are busy fixing some major holes this morning because those offenses were rolling.

But back to the point on everybody's mind this morning: The Rematch.

Before the game, I stated I hoped their was no rematch. I still feel that way. Michigan had their crack at OSU and lost. Unfortunately, they lost a nailbiter on the road. I am forced to ask myself, who should Ohio State face in a bowl game? While I don't think it would be fair to force them to play Michigan again, the BCS says it should be the second best team in the nation.

And that leads to the question, who else is better than Michigan? They just took the best team in the country to the wire in their own house. If it was played in Ann Arbor, they probably win. Has USC been better? They got beat by crappy Oregon State and taken to the wire by Washington and ASU amongst other lesser teams. Notre Dame? Umm, please see the 47-21 smackdown earlier this year that the Wolverines handed out to the Irish. Florida? Maybe, but they have yet to be impressive this year with close game after close game. Arkansas? I think a 5 TD loss pretty much knocks them out of the equation.

The only fair thing for Ohio State would be to award them the national title tomorrow. But that's not going to happen and there is a very good chance they will face Michigan again on January 8th.

UPDATE: Michigan remains #2 in the BCS ahead of USC and Florida.



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