Saturday, September 08, 2007

First Team to 40 Points Wins

Well, I'm not sure what to expect in the Michigan-Oregon game today in terms of picking a winner. I know Michigan is still a sizeable favorite, but after last week you can't be too sure of anything. What I do know is that there should be a ton of points scored by both teams. I mean Michigan couldn't stop a D-1AA team from scoring 30+ points, so why would you expect them to stop a good offense from the Pac Ten? On the other hand, Oregon has a bad defense and Michigan still has a good offense (particularly if Chad Henne and the WRs get their timing back).

I'm going to guess the score will end up somewhere in the 42-38 range with big plays galore. Should be fun to watch and hopefully the Wolverines find a way to avoid their 4th straight loss.

I'm feeling a little better after my week of vacation. It was nice not being around anybody I knew and leaving the phone off and just forgetting that the Appalachian State game even happened. Unfortunately I'm now back and they better not lose again or this week I will never hear the end of it.



Blogger robert paulson said...

Apparently Oregon didn't even need close to 40 points to win today, though they could've scored 50 if they wanted to. I'm having a hard time finding a worse team than Michigan in the Big Ten right now. They might do the unthinkable and not even come close to sniffing a bowl game this year.

Sat Sep 08, 08:45:00 PM  

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