Saturday, August 27, 2005

Detroit Tigers: I'm the GM

Let's say I land the job of GM of the Tigers next week. Here's how the offseason would play out for me by position.

Coaching staff: all depends on the players. If they like and respect Tram and co., then they stay. If not I'll go get somebody else. MLB coaches are almost all the same anyways, so in terms of gameday strategy it really doesn't matter. I just want a coach the players respect.

Starting pitching:
IN - Jeremy Bonderman and Justin Verlander
OUT - Jason Johnson
WHO ELSE? - Robertson and Maroth will likely be back and my goal is to add a legit RHP this offseason. Not necessarily a #1 guy, but at least a solid #2. Johnson is just fades after the All Star break every year and isn't worth the money he'll get.

IN - Jamie Walker, Fernando Rodney, Chris Spurling, Franklyn German
OUT - Troy Percival (as in I doubt he pitches again)
WHO ELSE? - I'd like to add at least 1 solid reliever, though not necessarily closer. I'm OK with Fernando Rodney as the closer. He's a K machine when he's on and has the mentality needed to brush off any bad outings. Plus he'll be 2 years out from surgery and should continue to improve once he can use his slider more frequently.

IN - Pudge Rodriguez, Chris Shelton, Placido Polanco, Carlos Guillen, Brandon Inge
OUT - Vance Wilson
WHO ELSE? - Omar Infante and Carlos Pena are both possibilities for the lineup next year. If we can add a legit 3B, then Inge can become a utility player extraordinaire and help out in CF. Gotta snag a better backup C than Wilson. Pena could stay as 1B and slot Shelton at DH if Dmitri Young can play leftfield. Pena's on a short rope, though, and I doubt he ends up in Detroit next year.

IN - Magglio Ordonez, Curtis Granderson, Nook Logan
OUT - Rondell White
WHO ELSE? - Dmitri Young is somebody I'd like to stick in LF unless we can find a willing partner to take his contract. Craig Monroe is a nice 4th outfielder but if he wants the $$$ of a good starting OF I'm not paying. I'd like him as a backup in LF and CF. I'd also really like to add a big LH bat in LF or first base, but not sure where I'm going to find that. Logan probably has a spot locked up as a defensive specialist/pinch runner.

In summary of what I'd like to add to the Tigers this offseason:
1) a solid #2 or #3 starting RHP. #1 would be nice, but not absolutely necessary
2) a solid arm in the bullpen like the Farnsworth acquisition last year, but it'd be nice if it is somebody that wants to play in Detroit
3) a lefty bat at 1B or LF
4) a good 3B would be nice to free up Inge, but that'd be a luxury

Verlander and Zumaya aren't far off from being good big league starters. Adding a few key parts could set this team up to make some noise in 2-3 years.


Blogger Tom said...

I really like this post because as I've been watching the Tigers over the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about the exact same things. I think that you are dead on with the IF, except that I think that Inge is still developing and should probably be left at 3B. In the OF, I get very excited when they put Monroe in RF with Logan in CF and Granderson in LF late in games for defense. I think that Monroe in LF could be a key part of the offense next year. In the rotation I'm very excited for Colon's start this week because I think that he could be our 4th starter next year (behind Bonderman, Verlander and Maroth and ahead of Robertson). Finally, you addressed Vance Wilson as a backup, but its my opinion that Pudge only has about one decent season left and the Tigers need to move now to get thier hands on a replacement for him, either through a trade for a prospect or with a FA signing. Great post though, I really enjoyed it.

Mon Sep 05, 03:27:00 PM  

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