Thursday, August 18, 2005

The dog days of summer

Damn August is a long month. Seems like football season cannot get here quick enough. Seems like Charlie Weis is running his mouth again..

“I think it’s significantly easier because the intricacies of the system,” Weis said about making the jump from the pros to college versus going college to pro. “Pittsburgh doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what they’re going to do. Michigan, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon. Michigan State will have played two games by the time we’ve played them. Washington three games. Purdue has a bye in there so they also will have played three games. I’ve looked at the schedule.”

I can't wait til big Charlie finds out the difference between college and NFL football. He should have fun the first time he realizes he can only install 1/4 of the game plan he had time to in the NFL and that the players trying to execute it will be 20 year old kids instead of 30 year old men.

And for the record, here is what Charlie said on August 8th at media day:

" I'm not really big on putting fodder on other people's boards to sit there and disrespect any team we are playing against for the same reason. I'm not giving any psychological edge to anyone we're playing by me saying, hey, we're going to go whip their butt."

Take your own advice and keep quiet.


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