Monday, September 19, 2005

Brett Favre

So long Brett Fav-ruh. You will go down as my favorite NFL player of all time. And I'm 99% certain you'll still be my favorite 60 years from now. I'm only posting this because it is rapidly becoming crystal clear that this is your last season in Green Bay. The Packers stink this year and are hampered by key injuries. Unlike the past, they are no longer good enough to overcome injuries. I hope you can gut it out and lead the team to at least an 8-8 record, because you do not deserve a losing record in any season. Here's a sampling of why you were such a great player.

  • First and only 3 time NFL MVP. Heck, you did it in 3 consecutive years.
  • 50,000 passing yards joining Marino and Elway in the record books and you are about to blow by Elway for #2 on the list
  • 379 career TD passes and you'll probably join Marino as the only QB with over 400
  • 207 (and counting) consecutive games started at QB. Now that is a hell of an endurance record.
  • Leading the Pack back to their first Super Bowl since Lombardi
  • Your 13 years in Green Bay = 1 8-8 record, 12 winning seasons: 13 years in Green Bay before your arrival = 7 losing seasons, 4 8-8 seasons, and 2 winning seasons (1 strike shortened)
And besides being such a great player, you probably garnered the most respect of any NFL player from your fellow competitors and fans across the league. I've still never seen another QB get sacked by Warren Sapp only to get up and give him a head butt. I've never seen somebody play with such passion and have so much fun on the field. Lots of players say they play for the love of the game, but you truly do. In short, you are the type of player that fans think they would be if they got a shot in the NFL. Just go out there, have fun, and win some games.

So as your career rides into the sunset I say so long Brett. I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun with whatever you decide to do next, which is probably just sitting on a riding mower enjoying the outdoors. Just don't be a stranger in Green Bay.

And from Green Bay's perspective, a crappy year this year is probably in their best interest long term. They'll clear a gigantic amount of salary off the books in the form of Brett Favre and Ahman Green and they'll get some higher draft picks. Although it'd be helpful if Mike Sherman doesn't have a say in who they pick. Plus, I think they'll can Sherman after this year and get some fresh blood.


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