Monday, September 12, 2005

Big Ten Power Rankings, Week 2

What can I say? The conference really took it on the chin this week. The first time in the history of the AP poll that 3 top 10 teams from one conference all lost on the same day.

1) Ohio State - I'm really uncomfortable putting them here. Their offense looked pathetic against Texas, despite having unbelievable field position time after time.
2) Michigan - the offense looked pathetic without Mike Hart and the right side of the line beat up. Oh yeah, Chad Henne had his worst game at Michigan. The good news is the defense really stepped up and dominated the vaunted Notre Dame offense.
3) Iowa - Yes, Drew Tate was out. But Iowa was playing like crap and losing before he was knocked silly trying to make a tackle after an INT.
4) Purdue - The top 3 lost, but does Purdue really inspire any sort of confidence? Not to me. I'll stick the top 4 teams here as pretty interchangeable and all around #10-15 nationally.
5) Minnesota - their offense could score a lot of points this year. Still not sold on the consistency of their QB or their defense.
6) Wisconsin - should have a big play offense, but their D will struggle.
7) Michigan State - all offense, no defense
8) Penn State - until they start playing some conference games, they stay way down here. I've seen their recent crappy teams easily handle patsies.
9) Northwestern - good offense, bad defense
10) Illinois - Zook is off to a 2-0 start. That's one more win than last year. Unfortunately, they won't win many more.
11) Indiana - cellar dwellar until proven otherwise.


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