Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Damnit, it's time for the Notre Dame game

Charlie Weis is God. No, he's better than God! He made Tom Brady into a fantastic quarterback despite all the crappy coaching he received at Michigan. Lloyd Carr went 1-2 against Ty Willingham, just wait til he matches wits with Weis! Michigan's D got torched by Northern Illinois after getting lit up by Texas in the Rose Bowl after getting hammered by Ohio State after getting mauled by Michigan State...


Seriously, though. Has there ever been a more important game for this defensive coaching staff? They've surrendered over 400 yards in 5 consecutive games. They got shredded all offseason. They didn't answer any questions in the opener. They are now facing the golden child and his super-duper Notre Dame offense that just rolled Pittsburgh.

Can you imagine the statement they could make with a lights out performance? Can you imagine the unending criciticism if they get lit up again?

This game is basically it. Get hammered by Notre Dame on offense and I'm probably soured on most of the defensive staff forever, starting with the head man. Step it up and shut them down and I'm believing this could be a special season. I wish it didn't come to this, but the nightmares of last year are still fresh in my mind. I have a feeling I'm not alone amongst Michigan fans.

F*&^ Rocket Ismail
F*&^ Lou Holtz
F*&^ Charlie Weis
F*&^ Touchdown Jesus
F*&^ the Four Horseman
F*&^ Rudy
F*&^ Rick Mirer
F*&^ Carlyle Holiday and his phantom TD
F*&^ NBC

(apologies to the faint of heart or anybody associated with Notre Dame) It's on.


Blogger Azher said...

have faith. While I would love to see a serious Michigan meltdown I don't see it happening. If nothing else Henne and Hart will be in a better groove and they'll plow ND's D to make up for any UMich defensive deficiencies.

Fri Sep 09, 01:22:00 AM  

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