Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Week 1 College Football Thoughts

  • The Big Twelve isn't all it was cracked up to be. Oklahoma? What the hell was that? I realize they lost Jason White and Mark Clayton and their entire OL, but come on. Getting beat at home by TCU? Only eeking out 10 points with one of the best backs in the country on your side? Pa-thetic. And Texas A&M didn't do the conference any favors by getting taken out by perennial underacheiver Georgia Tech.
  • Speaking of weaker conferences, anybody catch that Miami-Florida State game? Wow, what a clunker. I was jacked to watch a great game between 2 powerhouse programs. What I ended up seeing was 2 good defenses and 2 all around not impressive teams. It looked like Jim Tressel took over the OC job for both teams this offseason. The ACC doesn't quite like as good as it did 2 months ago now that Miami and FSU both look to have major holes.
  • Notre Dame had a nice debut for Charlie Weis by smoking Pittsburgh. Which really gets me pumped for the Michigan-Notre Dame showdown this weekend. Michigan's D again looked like crap against Northern Illinois, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they come out blazing on Saturday. Call it a somewhat educated hunch. Then again, if they lay an egg against ND I'm not sure what Jim Hermann can do to have a job next year (if not next week).


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In any case the God is one!

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