Saturday, October 01, 2005

Quick game thoughts

1) Mike Hart is just that damn good. When he's on the field it makes the entire team play that much better. All of the plays that make people shake their heads when he's not on the field (draw on 3rd and 5) instantly become a big play threat when he gets loose in the open field. He makes something out of nothing and he makes big 40+ yard runs when he gets good blocking.

2) I'm glad that we don't have to sit here wondering what could've and should've been after that horrible call on Henne's fumble. Here are the facts: his arm was going forward when he got hit and the ball went forward after he lost it. Unless 2+2=5, it was not a fumble.

3) Chad Henne suddenly looks a lot better when Hart is in there playing well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree his arm was going forward and there is no tuck rule in college so it should have been incomplete. But in all honesty Michigan got a break earlier because that interception-fumble ruled an imcompletion was not reviewable and they reviewed it anyway.

Sun Oct 02, 11:47:00 AM  
Blogger robert paulson said...

All I know is the fumble call was a 10 point swing. We were easily in FG range and they got a TD out of it. Granted Rivas later missed, so nothing is a sure thing.

Mon Oct 03, 01:10:00 AM  

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