Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Big Ten Power Rankings, Week 3

1) Ohio State - I'm keeping them here at #1, but I still don't like it. They really did not impress me against SDSU. Their offense still stinks, but they still have a great D. This week will really settle who is number 1 for now.
2) Michigan - 55-0 is a good way to get some momentum back on your side, even if it's only Eastern Michigan. If the D can keep playing well, this will be a very dangerous team as the offense matures.
3) Iowa - won handily, but not terribly impressive over Northern Iowa. Winner of the OSU/Iowa game gets the number 1 spot next week.
4) Purdue - still don't know what to think about them.
5) Michigan State - their D still stinks, but their offense can put up a ton of points. They might make a little noise this year.
6) Minnesota - much like the Spartans, they are going to play some high scoring games this season.
7) Wisconsin - solid but unimpressive win down the road in Chapel Hill. Like the 2 teams directly ahead of them, expect some shootouts.
8) Penn State - nothing much to say here. Young team with a very good D and a little bit of talent on offense.
9) Northwestern - Tyrell Sutton sure does look like last year's Mr. Ohio in football. Tell me again why OSU didn't want him as a running back? He's already better than any back on their roster.
10) Indiana - since they are 3-0 I'll move them up from the cellar.
11) Illinois - actually hung tough with Cal. The bottom 3 teams really aren't that bad this year.

Big win for MSU this week in South Bend. Illinois hung tough with Cal. Most everybody else just took care of business. Iowa @ Ohio State is obviously the game of the week and whoever wins has the inside track to the conference title. Michigan has back to back tough road games coming up at Wisconsin and at Michigan State. Win those 2 and they are sitting pretty.


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