Saturday, October 08, 2005

Some quick postgame thoughts

  • I was a lot smarter 2 weeks ago than I was last week. Wisconsin really isn't that good and Michigan really is that bad. Mike Hart's back? So what, still found a way to let Minnesota win the game.
  • Chad Henne was back to not being good after torching MSU last week. His receivers didn't bail him out much, but he miss fired on way too many passes.
  • The D was decent up until the long run that set up the field goal. Can't blame them for the loss, though, when the O gets shutout in the 2nd half.
  • Garrett Rivas is not inspiring any confidence. He was fantastic last year, but he blew 2 second half kicks today after blowing the chip shot in the end of regulation in East Lansing last week. Just not good.
  • Michigan is staring a 6-5 regular season straight in the face and I'm not sure what bowl we will go to. Why? Because we've played on New Year's Day for like 10 damn years in a row. What bowl is it that crappy teams go to? Perhaps we should ask Minnesota before the get out of town with the Jug.
  • Oh well, might as well get all the crappiness out of our system this year. Perhaps there will be a change of the guard at the top and we can get a fresh start next year. Lloyd is a good guy and he'll always be a hero for bringing a national title back to Michigan, but sometimes things need a shakeup.


Blogger firemycoach said...

Hate Lloyd? Have 8 Bucks?

Then lets fire Lloyd together

It worked for Ellerbe and it will work again.

Tue Oct 11, 12:46:00 AM  

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