Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Don't know why, but I hadn't linked Straight Bangin' yet. He's always got some good thoughts and he sent me my Gmail invite, so here's to some good reading on Michigan and other stuff.

Also, Hawkeye Hoops has a Big Ten preview rolling out. Based on his excellent use of statistics and his always knowledgeable posts it should be a great read. Don't forget that Big Ten Wonk is soon to return to action. Loved reading his thoughts last year as Illinois marched through the Big Ten.

As for Michigan? Who the hell knows what to think. 50% chance that they once again rebound from a devastating loss with a beatdown of Penn State at home leaving everybody scratching their heads as to how they lost to Minny the week before. 50% chance their season goes up in smoke. I'm concentrating on watching the Red Wings and Michigan hockey and counting down until college basketball season gets under way.


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