Saturday, October 15, 2005

Keys to victory against Penn State

This is going to be a very difficult game for Michigan to win and I'm not sure what to expect. Will they be pissed off and coming out flying and put the hurt on a sky high Penn State squad? Or will they fold and get steamrolled by a great defense and a big play offense? Here's what the Wolverines need to do to get the victory:

1) Mike Hart needs a big day. I'm talking 5+ yds/carry and 125+ yards. If he can consistently move the chains it will really help Henne out.

2) OL has to get the job done in run and pass blocking. RT cannot be a revolving door today or Tamba Hali will eat Chad Henne for dinner.

3) DBs can't get beat deep. Gotta force PSU to go on long drives for scores giving them more opportunities to turn the ball over.

4) Win the special teams battle. Steve Breaston and Garret Rivas need big days.


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