Monday, October 09, 2006

ALCS Baby!

Pardon the relative paucity of Michigan football content this week as I'll probably be just a tad involved in the ALCS, especially since I've got tickets to Game 3 and Game 4. Don't worry, though, I will get around to a few Michigan posts this week. But come on, how can you not be pumped about this?

How can you not love that celebration? I'm not sure if the players or the fans were having more fun. I don't think Little Leaguers have had the much fun at a pizza party after a game. Everybody in that stadium knew that the Tigers weren't supposed to make the playoffs. When they did everybody knew they were supposed to roll over for the mighty Yankees. All 19 of ESPN's "experts" picked the Tigers to lose in round 1 and they didn't even need 5 games. I'm of the belief that when it comes to watching a team win a championship, the journey is the fun part. You know what, I've had more fun watching the Tigers this year than any team I have ever rooted for. 1996 Packers? 3 Stanley Cup Champion Red Wings teams? 1997 Michigan football? 1996 and 1998 Michigan hockey? None of them compares to what this team has done this year. I don't care where they ride ends, it's been a thrill.

Up next? They head to Oakland for Game 1 of the ALCS. Detroit took the season series 5-4 but the stats were heavily in favor of Detroit mostly based on 2 blowouts. Want to get ready for the game? Here you go:

Cubs fans will be hard pressed to top that if/when the Cubs ever win the World Series again. And the fun part? It was the divisional series. It meant almost nothing, but at the same time it meant everything. The Tigers haven't won anything in the standings, but they won the respect of everybody. That series validated their entire magical season and the direction the franchise is heading. The Detroit Tigers are here and they are going to make some noise.

Game on!



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